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Small group tours Scandinavia 

Odyssey offers easy, convenient, and relaxed escorted small group tours across Scandinavia and beyond. We explore Denmark’s, Swedens' and Norway's incredible natural beauty, its ancient Viking heritage, World Heritage Sites, and charming Nordic cities, with some truly spectacular scenery along the way. This and more is all waiting to be explored on one of Odyssey’s small group tours of Denmark, Sweden and Norway.  Designed for the senior traveller, and led by experienced, and enthusiastic like minded people.

Join Odyssey Traveller on our tour of Scandinavia for mature-aged and senior travellers, we uncover a Viking past and get a glimpse of the world’s biggest fjords and some fabulous scenery on a journey through Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

Small group tours Scandinavia Itinerary

In low-lying Denmark, we visit meticulously maintained urban centres, including the vibrant capital of Copenhagen. We continue our sightseeing tour and adventure in Sweden and its capital, Stockholm, now the financial capital of the region. After Sweden, we travel to Norway, famous for its breathtaking Norwegian coastal voyage favoured by tourists. Here, we journey over magnificent mountains and skirt picturesque fjords to reach Bergen.

Copenhagen Highlights

Our Scandinavian tour begins in Copenhagen, a treasure trove of museums, castles, and churches. We begin by exploring the Radhauspladsen (City Hall Square), where the famous pedestrian street "Stroget" begins. Next, we pass through the Tivoli Gardens, dating back to 1843, and make our way past the New Carlsberg Glyptotek and the National Museum. We then see the Old Stock Exchange and the Naval Church. In addition, we drive past the Kongens Nytorv (Kings New Square), the home of the Royal Danish Theatre with the world famous ballet.

Afterwards, we visit the old canal area, Nyhavn, with its picturesque houses and vessels. Next, we visit the famous landmark of Copenhagen, the statue of the Little Mermaid, known from Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale. Finally, we stop at the Royal residence, Amalienborg Palace. Our initial education tour of the city concludes with a visit to Amalienborg Castle.

Other Highlights

Other highlights of this educational tour include a walking city tour in Stockholm and a visit to the fabulous Vasa boat museum. Here, we take a tour of the world’s best preserved 17th century warship. We also trace the region’s sea-faring culture through Oslo’s Viking Boat Museum and visit the home of national composer Edvard Grieg, in Bergen. In addition, the tour also traverses vast Swedish lakelands and dense forests, passing impressive Gripsholm Castle by Lake Malaren.

The Scandinavia tours are small group programs suitable for senior and mature couples or solo travellers. Click here to read our article Discovering Scandinavia. If design is your passion, and this article on Sweden has piqued your interest, consider our 21 day Scandinavian Design small group tour, covering Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Odyssey Traveller offers more than 140 scheduled small group tours to people from all over the world. We share your passion for exploring and learning. This 13-day tour is offered in June each year. Visit this page to see all of our tours to Europe.

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Scandinavia tours
Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden
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Stroget (Strøget), Copenhagen Denmark
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